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Global Business Solutions

Global Business Solutions  is an  export risk mitigation firm that prides itself on unparalleled service  and performance. We are committed to a partnership to enable our clients  to  grow globally with minimal risk . Our services are always tailored  to your unique needs. Our products include: credit insurance, risk management, financing options , ocean marine insurance  and  training.  There is never a charge for our insurance products. Our close  relationships with federal and state organizations  enable us to offer   maximum benefit at no charge and without compromise.  Our client  partners insure our growth  as our clients grow.  Our reward is  satisfied clients! 


Our Commitment

Our  commitment is to treat each client as if they were our only client. We  guarantee realistic, honest financial advice to achieve maximum results  with minimum risk. Our years of international business experience and  notable expertise ensure that the advice, education, and insurance  products recommended by us will enable our clients to compete in the  global arena with confidence.



What is CREDIT INSURANCE and why you need it.

Credit  insurance protects your foreign and domestic receivables against  virtually all commercial risks that could result in non-payment of your invoices. Export credit insurance protects against political risks as  well as commercial risks.

Commercial  risks include bankruptcy, receivership, and other insolvencies as well  as protracted defaults caused by cash flow problems, balance sheet  issues, bad faith, market demand, natural disasters, or general economic  conditions that prevent your buyer from paying. 

Export credit insurance political risk coverage includes currency  inconvertibility, foreign exchange controls, transfer risks, war,  strikes, riots, revolution, confiscation, expropriation,  nationalization, embargoes, trade sanctions, and changes in import or  export regulations. 


Financial advantages of credit insurance

Credit insurance prevents write offs of uncollectible accounts  receivable. The insured is made whole with the risk of nonpayment being absorbed by the insurer.

Exporters utilizing credit insurance no longer must require cash in advance or deal with the unknown costs associated with letters of credit. Rather, exporters improve their competitiveness by offering open account terms  with full confidence of payment. 

Finally, insured receivables may enable exporters to tap into funds by assigning the insurance policy to banks or factors for immediate payment. GBS is proud to offer the services of our newest partner, XportManager division  of CFS International Capital Corp. to our small business clients who  qualify.  (See our Links page.)

The price of export credit insurance coverage, which may be passed along to your buyer, is insignificant compared to additional sales generated from extending competitive credit terms and the peace of mind knowing  that payment will be made.

GBS is a licensed broker in multiple states protecting our clients from  financial disaster by offering ExIm credit insurance backed by the full  faith and credit of the U.S. government ( We also represent well funded private insurers to mitigate domestic and export credit risks, ocean marine coverage, kidnap insurance, and small business product liability. We work with our clients to improve cash flow by tapping into funding backed by insured receivables which is crucial for continued operation in this current difficult financial climate.

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